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Rooms & Realms
חדר מבוכים ודרקונים

dungeons and dragons room israel

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Israel's first fully-fledged RPG room!

dungeon and dragons

Dive into new realms of adventure

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You find yourself and your party without a place to tell your tales.

You look to the north and see that the barbarian hut is occupied.

you look to the south and see that the wizard's tower is too narrow for your party.

So you Go on a journey, searching for a place, a home, and a table. A place where you can unleash your mind, conjure up spells and incantations, and conquer your enemies.

Eventually, you find yourself standing in front of, what seems like, a simple door

with a simple sign above that says

"Rooms & Realms"

what do you do?


calling hours are between 9:00 - 17:00
days: Sunday - Thursday

herzl 185 rehovot

All rights reserved Rooms  & Realms  2023.

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