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Rooms & Realms

Room Activities

The magic table

In the center of the lower floor you will find a huge table suitable for 8 players that allows you to do a variety of activities!

At its center is a 43-inch smart TV that allows you to connect your personal computer/tablet/phone and project anything you want.

On the table you can project maps for D&D games, play digital board games, real board games or anything else you can think of.


In addition, a tablet is attached to the table, from which you can control the lighting and the speakers of the lower floor.

The table is equipped with sockets for connecting chargers and computers, rolling trays for dice, and cup holders.


The room's quest board

At the entrance to the room there is a wooden board with tasks and challenges on it.
The different quests can be searching for certain objects in the room, performing a certain activity in the room, and many more different types of challenges.

Each quest has information on what needs to be done to complete it, what the reward is for completing it, what it's difficulty level is, and whether you need anything special to complete it.

At the end of each quest the players must go to the NPC and inform them that the quest was complete in order to receive the reward.

The rewards are always in the form of gold or copper coins, and at the end of each session the players must return the coins to the NPC, and they record how many each player has gotten (The records are kept for each participant between sessions).


The coins allow players to buy real items from the NPC's shop such as dice, miniatures, cosplay and LARP accessories, and much more.

The items in the store change periodically, and you can also make offers for the types of items you want through the Discord server or through the suggestions form on the website.


The potions lab

In the back room of the lower floor you will find a table equipped with fancy glassware, test tubes, potion bottles and a rotating potion dispenser.

You can make yourself interesting potions from all kinds of ingredients and drink them during your visit to the room!

On the table is a recipe book for different potions or you can improvise the ingredients yourself... who knows what effects they will have... (all the ingredients are edible and non-toxic, the ingredients are kosher and do not contain alcohol)


Wizard dual

Each player has a magic book, a wand and a D20 dice

Each player has 20 life points and 10 magic points

First the die is rolled to see who starts (higher number wins)

Each player in turn can cast one spell

Each spell has a certain magic cost and how much damage it does to the opponent,

And what is the number that needs to be rolled in order to succeed
For example, a fireball spell:

Costs 5 magic points

Deals 5 damage

13 or higher you do full damage to the opponent

Less than 13 failure

Less than 5 and you take half damage

1 and you take full damage

At 20, the opponent get double damage


Each turn one magic point is regenerated (there are spells that return more but they will cost you a whole turn)

Win a duel when your opponent is out of life points!

Each victory gives the winner 20 copper coins or a gold coin if the duel is a task on the quest board.(limited to 1 gold coin per visit)


The world library

In the back room you will find a huge library of board games, which you can play at your leisure  while staying in the room.

Some games also have quests from the quest board and you can earn coins while playing them (so it's always worth checking!)

The games in the library are renewed and changed every few months.


A secret and ongoing plot

The room and the characters that operate it have their own special plot. The participants can discover the story by themselves during the activities in the room.

It will be possible to find clues and secret messages that will reveal the story to you in different places in the room...

Once a month or two the story of the room will progress and you will have to discover the new part of the story through a special quest on the quest board.

The quest will not have information or guidance, but will only contain a sentence or two through which you will have to discover the rest of the clues and the story.

If you don't manage to discover the story every month, don’t worry! the chapter revealed at the end of the month will be uploaded to the website, so you won't be left behind 🙂


Loaded Dice

If you want to try and increase the amount of coins you have without quests, you can always try your luck against our NPC in a dice game.

But be advised! NPCs always have an edge in the game! You get a D20 die and the NPC gets a D20 die and a D6 die.

To play you will need to exchange one gold coin at the NPC for copper coins.

You can bet up to 20 copper coins per round and play up to 5 rounds per visit.

You can also play against each other, games against each other are equal in dice between the players.

Important! These are not real bets with real money! These are room tokens! Gambling for real money or playing real gambling games in the room is strictly prohibited!

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