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Terms and Conditions


Making an order to the rooms and realms venue (hereinafter the: “venue") constitutes consent to what is stated in these regulations and an obligation to act according to it.


The person making the order must be an adult over the age of 18.

Entry is restricted to ages 18 and over only. Under the age of 18, adult accompaniment is required.


The customer knows that the second floor of the “venue" is not accessible to wheelchair users.


It is recommended to arrive about 10 minutes before the reservation time. Unless otherwise specified by the operator.

In the event of a delay by the participants, no refund or completion of minutes will be given for the time contributed to the arrival at the "venue", out of the total time allotted for the order.


The “venue” is not responsible for any damage caused to the participants in the activity as a result of their actions.

Entry to the “venue” is conditional upon a credit card deposit, for a charge in case of damage to the venue or its contents.


The “venue” and its owners reserve the right to refuse admission or service to any customer, for any reason.


Eating or drinking on the first floor is strictly prohibited (except for water, or if allowed by the staff).

For your convenience, you can go up and eat on the second floor of the “venue”. In addition, the group will be given the option to bring its own food and drinks (including alcohol) into the “venue”, for use on the second floor only.


It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the operator (hereinafter: "The Keeper" / "Lyra") or any other staff, during the activity.

The “venue” is being filmed by security cameras 24/7, the management is entitled to make any use of cameras and footage, including in cases where there is suspicion of theft, and/or a suspicion that a violation of the law/regulations of the “venue” has been committed.


Do not use any physical force on any item and/or product during the activity! After a first warning, the operator may stop the activity immediately and no refund will be given.


Entry under the influence of drugs is strictly prohibited.

Smoking in the “venue” is strictly prohibited.


It is possible and allowed for the customers to take pictures and/or record during their activity in the “venue”.


Do not take objects out of the “venue”. In case of failure to return and/or break any object from the “venue”, the monetary value of the item/object will be charged from the deposited card.


In the event that damages were caused intentionally and/or as a result of physical force or violence, the management may demand financial compensation for the damages and/or take legal action.

In the event of a violation of one of the rules listed in the regulations and in cases of inappropriate behavior, the operator may stop the game immediately, the deposit will not be returned and the customer will pay the price of the full order.

Regarding the published prices on the website:

The company may update prices from time to time, in accordance with its sole discretion.

The determining price is the price published on the website at the time of ordering the activity.

Payments and cancellation policy:

It will be possible to pay for booking an activity exclusively through the website (in exceptional cases you can contact the “venue”).

You can pay in the “venue” for additional products that are available for purchase in the “venue” itself.


In the event of a change or cancellation of an order up to 24 hours from the date of the activity - the payment will be refunded in full.

In the event of a change or cancellation of an order within less than 24 hours of the activity date - 70% of the payment will be refunded.

In the event of a change or cancellation of an order that was booked more than a week before the activity, within 48 hours of the activity date - 70% of the payment will be refunded.

In the event of a last-minute change and/or failure to arrive at the designated slot - the payment
will not be refunded.

Additional conditions:

The company may publish the photos and videos taken during the activity on social networks with the consent of the participants.

The company may send the customer various service messages related to the order of the activity.

The company undertakes that the personal details entered when ordering the game will not be transferred to a third party, except for the purpose of characterizing potential customers by a marketing and advertising company on our behalf or for sending a single message regarding the opening of additional slots in the “venue”.

The person booking the activity undertakes to convey these terms and regulations of participation in the Rooms and Realms “venue” to all members of the group who participate in the activity.

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