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Rooms & Realms

The Lore Of The Room

What secrets do the walls of Rooms & Realms hold?

The room is a tavern owned by The Keeper and Lyra the witch. It is not just your regular cozy tavern. It's full of mysteries, magic and hidden secrets. The tavern is known to "shift" around, and it never stays in any one place for long.
Most adventurers who find themselves inside the tavern come to rest and to have a warm meal. But the bravest of them stay to discover the treasures and stories the tavern holds. What kind of adventurers will you choose to be?


The Keeper is an ancient sorcerer and scientist who possesses great power and knowledge. Together with Lyra the witch, he's the most renowned reality tracker in his world and his time. After his life was taken, Lyra revived him, but as we all know, everything comes with a price. Today he prefers to stay under his robes so no one will see what hides underneath. (And you really don't want to see...)


Lyra the witch, together with The Keeper is the most renowned reality tracker in her world and her time. Before she discovered the magic of different realities, she was one of the most influential witches in her world. Too bad nobody believes in the secrets reality trackers have to offer.

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