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Rooms & Realms

Our goals

Our goal at Rooms and Realms is to help expand and grow the tabletop and D&D community in Israel.
We have seen and met too many people who really want to "get into D&D" and don't know how... Or people who are very interested in fantasy, but can't seem to find a way to expand on their passion. Then we thought, why only D&D? There are so many groups that share this passion for imagination, fantasy and adventure!
So we thought, what would be better than a physical place, offering all people the opportunity to enter this amazing world?
And then Rooms and Realms got created! Slowly and with a lot of sweat and tears, we managed to create a place we are proud of! a place for all people who share our passion for telling stories, having fantastic adventures, and exploring their imagination to the fullest!


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